Capital Growth

Capital growth with low capital investment

Now South Africans have a unique opportunity to invest in Dollars at an entry-level that is affordable and achievable


Property investors in SA understand that capital growth is very likely in a growing market. Over many years we have seen properties increase in value by simply doing…nothing. Investing in up-and-coming areas or suburbs often achieved sizeable capital growth over a couple of years. 

Real estate values are generally increasing in value. If you invest in a property long enough, the probability is that it will rise in value. While things happen, like South Africa’s housing boom (from 2000 to 2006) and the housing crisis of 2008 that hit South Africa in 2008, buildings and land do appreciate. Your investment will be more than you paid for. In other words, you have capital growth.

Example: If you purchased a property ten years ago for R3 million and it is now worth R5 million, you've achieved R2 million capital growth.

Capital growth can be considered as more of a long-term strategy. A property needs time to increase in value and properties with the potential for good capital growth are mostly more expensive. Your mortgage and other expenses often won’t be covered by the monthly rental income.

The housing market in SA has been depressed for several years due to high unemployment, weak household finances, etc. Purchasing the perfect property to ensure capital growth is complex and depends on many factors linked to our political climate.

World-wide investment industry trend: Self-storage units

Self-storage units require much less capital and provide capital growth and rental income. All in USD. Now you can easily invest in offshore self-storage units with Stradix SA.

South Africans are now searching for offshore properties to hedge their earnings against a volatile rand. However, most of these investments require capital of at least R5 million, making it out of reach for most South Africans to invest in a dollar-based property.

UK Property prices:

STUDIO FROM £292,000




Offshore Self-storage units require less capital, providing investors the opportunity to purchase multiple units. Scalability, ease of income, risk mitigation, and zero management make for an attractive investment.  The ZAR/USD exchange rate can be your friend!

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