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As Eastern European countries continue to integrate with the broader European market, trends that have taken hold in the USA, Western and Central Europe are rapidly integrated. Self-storage is no exception. 

Self-storage is becoming an established asset class in Europe, with a large pool of investors competing for a limited number of self-storage facilities available for acquisition. Recognising Eastern Europe’s potential to yield substantial returns they are expanding into Eastern Europe. 

The Republic of Georgia (in Eastern Europe) is experiencing a surge in foreign investment, with its dynamic economy, targeted initiatives for such investments and clear vision for growth and innovation. Georgia’s underdeveloped self-storage sector presents a prime Blue Ocean market opportunity, with minimal competition and huge potential for growth and innovation.

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Georgia stands 7th in the World Bank’s ease of doing business index, highlighting an outstanding investment climate.

Growth &

Georgia’s diverse economic sectors offer growth, presenting unique investment opportunities.

Open Investment Landscape

Georgia’s property market is open to global investors. No need for citizenship.


Offering transactions in Lari, USD, and EUR, Georgia provides a safeguard against currency volatility.

Security &

As the world’s fourth safest country, Georgia is recognized for its security and low levels of corruption.

European Union

Georgia’s EU candidacy underscores its stable economic trajectory and alignment with EU norms, enhancing investor confidence.


Georgia vs. South Africa – GDP Growth Comparison:

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Self-storage with Stradix in Georgia

With Stradix, individuals can now also invest in the self-storage market.

You get three major advantages:

  • Investment into a remarkable resilient, growing and trending asset class – self-storage
  • Investment offshore – a destination where your investment has the potential for significant growth
  • Affordable offshore property for South Africans – a much lower capital investment is required for self-storage, compared to traditional offshore property.

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Why are South Africans now investing in the Georgia Offshore Property Investment Solution:  

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