About Us

In 2009 some South Africans were lucky enough to get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The Rep. of Georgia offered citizenship to South Africans who could contribute to their agricultural sectors, with T’s & C’s, of course. 

We jumped on this opportunity...

From there stems the company’s ties with Georgia and broader Eastern Europe.

For more than 15 years

Our mission has been to explore, investigate and identify opportunities for ourselves and other South Africans in the Rep. of Georgia and the broader Eastern Europe. Witnessing firsthand the boom in self-storage in South Africa, it became evident that self-storage has become a way of life – just like fast food, Checkers delivery, and Uber eats. Combine the obvious need for self-storage with our in-depth knowledge of Georgia, and Stradix SA was born.

We are proud to present Stradix SA’s Offshore Property Investment Solution to South Africa

We are

A member of the SAGCC – Southern Africa, Georgia Chamber of Commerce

Our Offshore Property INvestment Solution combines

• Our combined wealth of experience in the financial industry
• Our in-depth knowledge of Georgia and surrounding countries
• Our entrepreneurial drive to create income abroad
• Our long-term connection with key people from and in the Rep. of Georgia and neighbouring countries

we have

• Obtained permanent residency in Rep. of Georgia for many South Africans.
• A fully operational business in the Hospitality and Tourist Industry in Georgia - since 2013
• A property development in Bakuriani, Rep of Georgia

You get

• Buy-to-let Offshore property (Self-Storage)
• Proven capital growth
• Income stability in USD - you hedge against Rand volatility
• USD rental income

Our Offshore Property Investment Solution was born from a burning desire to create an offshore income for ourselves, mitigating the economic risks we face in South Africa.

Meet Our Team

Cornelia Aldum

Emile Aldum

Lise Oerlemans

Martin Manser

Amanda Smit

 Nicolette du Bruyn Kroese

Team South Africa


Lise Oerlemans

Director + marketing mastermind


Martin Manser

Workflow + IT wiz


Nicolette du Bruyn Kroese

Sales Samurai

Arnoud vd Bout – Legal Advisor

Legal matters taken care of for you. 

All legal requirements (from documentation to compliance) are ready and done for you.

Team Georgia

Stradix Properties

Reinhard v Eeden

Project Manager

Nana Gurgenidze – Legal Advisor

Advisory Group LLC, Georgia Tbilisi