How to:

Now you can get your own Offshore property and get:

Purchace prices range from $4181.00 - $18,955 per unit


Earn in USD:

9 Steps

to own your own income-producing property offshore:

1.    Receive data/stats/facts – via Email/WhatsApp

2.       Information Session – In person or online

3.       Application – Complete electronically

4.       Reservation Agreement (Offer to Purchase) – Complete electronically

5.       20% Deposit – Payment immediate / on commencement of construction

6.       Management Agreement – Complete electronically

7.       Prepare for your International Money Transfer – with your bank or a Transfer Specialists like Currency Assist 

8.       80% Balance – Payment on registration of property

9.       Rental payments – Receive monthly in own nominated bank account 

We are 100% online – no need to visit us in person

Chat to a consultant today via Phone / book a Zoom Session / Visit us for a one-on-one consultation


1 Solution for every South African:

Entry-level offshore buyers/investors – our Offshore Property Income Solution is affordable and is a truly passive investment

Experienced offshore buyers/investors know the power of scalability and purchase more units, because of the ease of income and zero management

    Whatever type of investor you are, we make it easy and do all the heavy lifting for you.

Getting started is easier than you think

We invite you for a FREE, one-on-one consultation

Chat to our consultant and get all your questions answered

Now, for the first time, South Africans can also invest in Stradix SA’s Offshore Property Income Solution and have the opportunity to minimise the economic and financial risks we face in SA

Offshore Self-storage units require less capital, providing investors the opportunity to purchase multiple units. Scalability, ease of income, risk mitigation, and zero management make for an attractive investment. The ZAR/USD exchange rate can be your friend!

Our Offshore Property Income Solution will give you:

How can you get in on the action?