Republic of Georgia

(Eastern Europe) – your perfect offshore investment destination


The Rep. of Georgia brings together the perfect balance between a rapidly developing economy and a blue ocean market.

Georgia has great demand for self-storage and minimum supply.

Offshore properties are highly sought after to hedge earnings against a volatile Rand and counteract South Africa’s uncertain political and economic future.

Investing in
self-storage Units
has become the
number one trend

Requires less capital input than traditional rental properties

Provide for capital growth

Provide rental income

All in USD

Now you can easily invest in offshore self-storage units with Stradix SA

Why are we investing in self-storage in the Rep. of Georgia, Eastern Europe?

Self-storage facilities are widely available in mature markets, such as the United States and Western Europe. It remains, however, a relatively new concept in Eastern Europe and Asian markets.

You will find The Republic of Georgia at the intersection of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. An untapped market with all the qualities of a perfect Blue Ocean market for self-storage. Hardly any formal self-storage facilities are available. Which makes this a Blue Ocean Market: “A market for a product where there is no competition”.

In the Rep. of Georgia large open warehousing is available at R60 – R90 per m2. It is affordable but not accessible to individuals and certainly not conducive to individual needs for privacy and security.


What makes the Rep. of Georgia very attractive for investment?

Georgia ranks 7th in the world for ease of doing business - Latest World Bank Study (2019)

Georgia stands out as one of the most rapidly developing economies in Eastern Europe

The main economic drivers are agriculture, transportation, energy, real estate, tourism, etc.

Stradix SA has established ties and related companies in Georgia

  • Georgia boasts years of robust economic growth, liberal tax and labor legislation, business-friendly practices, low corruption, high security, and openness to foreign investment
  • Georgia is already part of the Schengen state that covers 26 countries and will become part of the European Union soon
  • Georgia’s GDP growth at 5.5% is three times that of South Africa (1.8%)
  • Georgia offers the opportunity to earn in hard currency ($)
  • Georgia provides hedging against the deteriorating ZAR (South African currency), which has weakened against the Dollar at R6.35/$1 in 2005 to R17.22/$1 today
  • Good possibility for investors to obtain finance in Georgia to invest in ‘buy to let’ self-storage units
  • South Africans don’t need to be Georgian citizens to buy property (mandatory in many other countries)

Why are South Africans now investing in the Georgia Offshore Property Income Solution:




Mitigating steady long-term Rand depreciation

Owning offshore property + Dollar based monthly income

With a self-storage property in Georgia, you get 100% exchange rate hedging (USD/ZAR). You get dollar-based capital growth and monthly income.

Capital Growth

Owning offshore property + Dollar based monthly income

Real estate prices in Georgia are among the lowest in capital cities in developed countries in the world. Early adopters entering the market show rapid capital growth.

More certainty

Owning offshore property + Dollar based monthly income

Investing in Georgia in a hard currency will increase your return on investment in rands by default, purely because the rand is continually weakening against the Dollar.

Economic stability

Owning offshore property + Dollar based monthly income

Georgia is one of the most rapidly developing economies in Eastern Europe.

The World Bank (2007) named Georgia the World’s number one economic reformer, placing Georgia consistently as the top country on its Ease of Doing Business Index.

Building wealth

Financial security with solid long-term investment. Owning offshore property + Dollar based monthly income

Self-storage property in Georgia will give you:

Proven Capital growth

100% Exchange rate hedge USD/ZAR

Monthly USD Rental income

Offshore bank account


Untapped self-storage market

No supply of self-storage units. The demand for self-storage is high world-wide. 

Economic activity outside of SA

Owning offshore property + Dollar based monthly income

Getting a foothold offshore (bank account and income in USD) is crucial for the first-time and seasoned investor. With our Georgia Offshore Property Income solution, you have immediate economic activity offshore.

Self-storage units require much less capital, provides capital growth and rental income. All in USD. Now you can easily invest in offshore self-storage units with Stradix SA.

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