Receive monthly income

from tenants renting your offshore ‘buy to let’ self-storage unit. The income will reflect in dollars in your own offshore bank account.


In what country will I purchase my self-storage unit?

Your rental income is managed by Storage Georgia, our Storage Management Agent

8 years experience in the management of self-storage units across Europe (England and Spain)


Storage Georgia fully manages the rental of units

Marketing & Advertising

Placing Tenants,

Tenant Relations

Collecting Rent

Overseeing Maintenance

General Financial Bookkeeping

Payment of rental return to unit owner

Legal Obligations

By investing in ‘buy to let’ self-storage units, you outsource the complete management of your unit. This is a truly passive investment.

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Industry trend: 

Offshore Self-storage units require less capital, providing investors the opportunity to purchase multiple units.

Scalability, ease of income, risk mitigation, and zero management make this an attractive and lucrative investment. 

The ZAR/USD exchange rate can be your friend!

Self-storage units requires much less capital, and provides capital growth and rental income. All in USD. Now you can easily invest in offshore self-storage units with Stradix SA

Your money doesn’t need a passport to travel

We give you EASY access to direct investing

Direct investing – meaning actually taking your money overseas


An adult South African is legally allowed to make international payments and investments of up to R1 million per calendar year without any supporting documents.

Now, for the first time, South Africans can also invest in Stradix SA’s Offshore Property Income Solution and have the opportunity to minimise the economic and financial risks we face in SA. 

How can you get in on the action?

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