Key Factors for Capital Growth

Discover the Key Factors for Capital Growth and how the Rep. of Georgia compares

Key factorsProperty in generalSelf-storage in the Rep. of Georgia, Eastern Europe
Economic and Infrastructure DevelopmentProperties in countries with robust economic growth and substantial infrastructure development tend to appreciate more in value.Georgia’s consistent economic growth, driven by reforms and a business-friendly climate, has made it an attractive location for foreign investment, particularly in the real estate sector.
Properties situated in areas with growth potential and good amenities typically see an increase in value.Stradix strategically position our self-storage parks in the Republic of Georgia based on evolving local demand, accessibility, and specific storage needs.
Timing the MarketUnderstanding market trends and economic cycles can inform strategic buying and selling decisions.As Georgia’s economy continues to flourish and infrastructure projects unfold, the demand for storage facilities is rising, following the trend  across Europe.
The growing demand for storage in Georgia, coupled with limited competition, positions Stradix’s self-storage a pioneer in meeting the rising demand and therefore appreciation.
Supply and DemandInvesting where demand exceeds supply can lead to higher property values.Strong investment in the self-storage industry across Europe, including significant growth in Georgia, indicates a favorable market for capital appreciation.
Long-Term InvestmentReal estate is typically a long-term investment, with properties appreciating over time, especially in areas with sustained growth.Stradix takes a long-term view on self-storage investments in Georgia, aligning with the country’s sustained economic and storage demand growth.
Investment in Emerging MarketsEmerging markets often offer rapid appreciation potential.Georgia’s rapidly developing economy presents a unique opportunity for investment in the burgeoning self-storage market.

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Team Stradix

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