Discover Georgia: A Prime Location for Real Estate Investment

Why Georgia Continues to Attract South Africans

Georgia is not only a destination for expatriates seeking safety and economic growth, but also a country bursting with opportunities for foreign real estate investors, especially in the emerging market of self-storage and their rapidly expanding tourism industry.

Key features

Visa-Friendly Policies for South Africans

Georgia is renowned for its accommodating visa regulations, making it exceptionally straightforward for South African investors to obtain a residence permit upon purchasing property. No Visa required for a South African to visit the country.

Exceptional Value in Georgian Real Estate

Compared to other European destinations, Georgia’s real estate market delivers outstanding value. Prime properties in Tbilisi, the capital city, start at just USD 1,000 per m²—making them far more affordable than similar locations in Portugal, Spain, and especially England. The lower barrier to entry is particularly appealing to South Africans, considering the weak rand against the dollar. Real Estate Market: The real estate market has seen significant growth, with prices increasing by 30% in US dollar terms in Tbilisi as of January 2023.

Surge in Demand for Real Estate Drives Economic Growth

Supported by the country’s favorable investment climate and growing tourism industry, Georgia’s real estate sector experiences a surge in demand. The tourism industry continues to boom, with record-breaking revenue reaching $4.1 billion, marking a remarkable 17% increase from 2022 and highlighting its vital and rapidly expanding nature. This surge in demand further bolsters economic development.

Simplified Ownership Process – Even remotely…

Foreigners need only a passport to complete a property purchase. Stradix also makes it possible to purchase real estate (villas/self-storage units/ self-storage containers) in Georgia without requiring a physical presence in the country.

Interesting facts

Georgia is the only country in Europe that does not tax worldwide income

In the heart of Eurasia (the junction of Eastern Europe and Western Asia), Georgia presents many compelling reasons to seek residency, or just investment opportunities.

Georgia’s territorial tax system means that for residents the income generated within its borders is taxed at a friendly rate of 20%, while foreign income remains untouched by local taxation. With this uncomplicated tax structure there are no inheritance taxes, capital gains taxes, wealth taxes, or stamp duties.

Affordable Cost of Living

The cost of living in Georgia is remarkably low. You can enjoy a draft beer for just $1, a modest restaurant meal for $4, and a taxi ride across town for $2.

  • Please note that these prices are subject to change and may vary based on location and time.

When you invest in Georgia, you’re not just investing in property; you’re investing in a lifestyle that many expatriates, including a growing South African community, have come to cherish. Expatriates find they can live comfortably on less. Now, with Stradix’s self-storage units investors can afford property in Europe — a lucrative niche in a country where business and personal storage needs are on the rise

Thriving Expat Community: The South African Connection

Georgia is becoming increasingly known for its robust South African expat community, a growth inspired by the country’s welcoming immigration policies. With visa-free access and the possibility of securing long-term residence, South Africans are finding a new home in Georgia.

Bakuriani’s alpine charm, the dynamic urban environment of Tbilisi, and the pastoral serenity of villages, like Lemshveniera, are morphing into vibrant cultural mosaics where South African influences are both felt and welcomed, especially many South African farmers.

The Stradix Advantage: Investing in Georgia’s Self-Storage Market

Stradix is at the forefront of tapping into Georgia’s real estate potential. We’re currently offering investment opportunities in buy-to-let self-storage units and buy-to-let holiday villas—providing a steady income stream and long-term capital appreciation potential.

Our local knowledge, coupled with Georgia’s thriving economy, means we’re uniquely positioned to help you benefit from this emerging market (self-storage) and the expanding hospitality industry (holiday villas). With a vast network that includes the expatriate community and a deep understanding of the local real estate landscape, Stradix is your gateway to a unique investment in Georgia.

Georgia’s favorable tax system, low cost of living, and natural beauty have attracted expatriates from various countries, including South Africa. 🌍

“Whether it’s for the financial benefits, or to seek residency, Georgia stands out as a compelling destination for real estate investment.”

Jonathan du Toit – Expat & Property owner, Tbilisi Rep. of Georgia

With Stradix, you can confidently step into a market that offers not just returns and capital growth, but also an opportunity to permanent residency or citizenship.


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